What Are Your Big Rocks?

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What Are Your Most Important Things?

Agencies are busy environments. There is a mountain of client activity, with project and campaign launches, meetings, phone calls and emails with numerous stakeholders most days. It can be overwhelming, and you can start to stop seeing the forest from the trees.

This "digital clutter" starts to take a toll on mental clarity and focus. You are so involved in the details of something that it's easy to overlook what's important about the project or campaign as a whole.

From a client’s perspective, things are more simple - for example, they may have engaged your agency to deliver an advertising campaign with a handful of key milestones along the way.

Agency-side is a different story however. You are swimming in partially completed digital task lists, folders full of files, email threads, internal meeting minutes, screenshots, whiteboard brainstorming sessions, a bin full of scrunched up paper and five versions of a piece of work for each of these milestones.

There is a real asymmetry to what the client sees and what goes on behind the scenes by the agency team.

In our opinion, a great customer experience shields a client from the complexity behind the agency curtain as much as possible, and only the surfaces the 'chunky pieces of work' when it is ready for their input.

You can think of these items as ‘the big rocks’ - the natural nodes in the pathway to the full delivery of the wider project. For example, it might be a mockup for a new website or the copy for a new eBook being ready for client approval.

Clients don’t care about the 50 tasks that had to be completed by the team to get that big rock ready for them, they only care about the end outcome. As an agency, efficiently progressing the approval of these big rocks keeps your business relationship healthy and gets you closer to receiving payment and moving on to the next piece of work.

We designed Nodd to help agencies declutter and be focused on these big rocks. Sure, internally being clear on what actions and tasks are required to ladder up to these rocks is necessary, but we actually were explicit in Nodd not being a task management system. As far as we were concerned, team members could manage their tasks however they liked, whether on a notepad, whiteboard or a digital tool because at the end of the day it was the big rock which the client cared about and what we wanted to be laser focused on.

The agreement centered functionality of Nodd means that you can see the status of these big rocks across your client portfolio, it’s clear what your client has approved/rejected and you can zoom in on any pending items to prevent a project getting stale. Stakeholder responses and feedback is collected neatly for each big rock, meaning you no longer need to trawl through email threads like a detective if an item is questioned in the future.

All in all, by sifting out only the big rocks that matter to clients, Nodd gives focus and clarity amongst the chaos of agency life, ultimately helping you to sustainably grow your business.

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