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Who's Behind the Cardys?

Firstly, thanks for checking us out - it's great to have you here!

'The Cardy Boys' (as we affectionately call ourselves), have over 35 years combined experience in marketing agencies. So when your agency uses Nodd, you're not just using our app, you're also leveraging all the experience of the people who built it.

Great teams do great work - simple as that. We're experienced founders and current business owners, entrepreneurs with a passion for digital tech and data with a huge depth of experience.

We're really passionate about Nodd and how it can help you run your agency better!

Andrew Ferguson (Harry) // Product Design

An established UX and digital product design specialist, he's the founder of Gravitate, a high-end digital design and development agency that's worked with some of the biggest brands and companies in Australasia. The founder of previous tech start-ups (NZ’s largest online art website) and Luumin (an award winning task management app start-up), he's also a New Zealand representative for innovative UK Biotech start-up, Care Oncology.

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Andy Crowe // Data & Product

Our in-house data scientist. With over 7 years experience in data and analytics, he knows a thing or two about examining which questions need answering, and where to find the nuggets to improve performance. He has degrees in Mechanical Engineering and Finance and spent 5 years at This Side Up working with some of NZ's largest brands including SKY TV, DoC, Hobbiton, Cardrona and Otago Polytech. He is currently based near Sydney working as an Analyst at Square, using data to help drive better results for the marketing and sales teams.

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Steve Crowe // Marketing & Sales

A wealth of marketing experience, he started This Side Up in 2009, a highly successful award-winning digital marketing agency that was acquired by PureSEO in October 2021. Steve has executed successful digital strategies for hundreds of organisations including KPMG, Endace, Coretex, eRoad, Bedpost, Ecoware, Overland Footwear and Harrisons Carpets (to name just a few). His experience at the coal-face running an agency and working closely with clients fuels his passion for showing other agencies how Nodd can reduce operational risk and strengthen client relationships.

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Why Did We Create Nodd?

Simple: To to solve a problem we were experiencing every day in our own agencies.

What was missing? A clear sign off and approval process for high volume, repetitive tasks and activities. From wireframes to banner ads, keywords to budgets and press releases, these are all critical parts of agency life that need to be signed off by the client.

Using the wrong creative, going live on the wrong day, spending too much of the client's money - these things eat away at the hard-earned trust you have established with your clients - which can take a long time to earn back. Not only that, it leaves your agency vulnerable and at-risk.

Nodd provides another layer of protection for your agency, so you can provide your services with more confidence, and ultimately be a more profitable agency through higher client-retention rates.

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